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I was born in Cambridge in 1988 to my English mum and half Mexican dad (viva la Mexico!). I lived there until I was around 8, when my mum and dad split up, and I moved with my mum and little brother all the way up to Edinburgh, in bonnie Scotland. Throughout my childhood, I was always a proper girly girl, but did have a rebellious streak. I swear I was framed!

All of my life, I have been extremely imaginative and always sought ways to channel this into something creative. That’s why when I left high school early, I went to college to study Art & Design, as well as Theatre Costume Design. This worked out great for me at the time, as I loved making and designing clothes, to the point where I’d “borrow” by boyfriend’s clothes to turn them into something new. Eventually, I began to move toward jewellery design, and opened my first jewellery business in 2007, at the ripe old age of 19. 

After a few years of running the jewellery business, working as a freelance fashion designer and having 2 kids (Ouch!), I decided I wanted to start from fresh, with a new focus. I wanted a new business where I could apply everything I had learnt, that didn’t show my history of rookie mistakes. Sadly, this was harder than I had planned, and only had £10 to start my new business. Not being able to sit still, and loving a challenge, I went for it!

I started the amazing House of Wonderland in 2012, and since then our lives have never been the same. I had to start with selling some simple beaded earrings, although completely different to where I am now, it was enough to get through the first few years which were a bit of a struggle. After the first few years, and the birth of our 3rd son, I’ve really been able to focus more on where I want to be, and what I want to do. 

This new focus and drive has led to all sorts of wonderous things! One of the best designs to come out of all of my hardship and depression is the Strong Than You Think design. This design really connected with people and has been featured on numerous websites, has sold out multiple times, and continues to give people the little bit of support when the need it most. Spreading a little bit of happiness and positivity into people’s lives has definitely become my mission.

My mission ties in with the business name; I want to become the home of wonderful things. I want people to have something in their lives that they can look at and remember that they are awesome and they have people that love them. 

I consider my entire business and a huge achievement! I still find it hard to believe I’ve been able to get where I am today, doing the things I love. The happy customers, the press features, my amazing stockists, the awards, and even finally being signed to an illustration agency made all the difficult times worth it. All of the ups and downs, have made this journey truly magical for me. And I’ve been able to have a room filled with all different sizes and kinds of boxes and packaging! (I really love packaging!)

But most of all, I’ve been able to build something that meant I can spend more time with my kids, husband, and especially my extra fluffy cat! All of this could never have happened without the people and cats in my life. 
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